Overlords of Infamy - A Board Game of Silly Super-Villainy!

Created by Obscure Reference Games

Overlords of Infamy - A Board Game of Silly Super-Villainy!
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You are an evil Overlord. Your mission? To make everyone as miserable as possible. Can you achieve world domination?

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$35,076.00 / 537 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: April 2017
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Overlords of Infamy Board Game
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Overlords of Infamy Board Game + Waffles/Dead Pirate Promo Pack
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Overlords of Infamy Board Game + Art Book + Waffles/Dead Pirate Promo Pack
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Overlords of Infamy Art Book
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Learn About Our Project:

Overlords of Infamy is a ridiculously silly medium-weight game of world domination for   (currently) 1-4 Players Ages 8+, and the first project from Obscure Reference Games. Overlords of Infamy has been described as an original take on quest completion, borrowing elements from Lords of Waterdeep and Settlers of Catan, while also blending in its own style. 

Join us on Planet Fred and take on the role of one of the Evil Overlords vying to reign supreme after a campaign of sowing misery throughout the land. Exploit the land around your lair, then command your Lackeys to gather the necessary resources from them to complete your Nefarious Plots in order to spread Misery across the land. Along the way you’ll have to contend with a pesky Adventuring Hero from the Kingdom of Good, your fellow Overlords, and maybe even Planet Fred itself! 

Overlords of Infamy has been in development for just shy of 2 years and has been continuously play tested for about as long. We take feedback very seriously, and many of the exciting elements of the game came from the minds of enthusiastic gamers like you! While the mechanics and rules of Overlords of Infamy are sound, we consider them to be only 95% done, as we still have time to implement new suggestions and feedback from this campaign. If you would like to give it as whirl, head on over to Tabletopia, where you can try a digital version of the game, free:

2 or 4 players click here!

3 Players, click here!

You can also check out the rules and helper guides to get an idea of how the game plays.

The artwork and graphic design of Overlords of Infamy are not the final versions. Part of our funding goal goes toward finishing and improving the artwork.

  • Supporting this project now means you get a promo pack that not only includes Waffles the Devious Corgi, but also includes bonus plots created by acclaimed game designers such as Chris Cieslik of Asmadi Games, Patrick Leder of Leder Games, and JR Honeycutt of The Nerd Nighters.
  • If we reach our funding goal within the first week(by February 24th) we will automatically upgrade all resources to wooden pieces, AND allow the community to design a tenth Overlord!
  • Pledging now will help Overlords of Infamy see the light of day. We have invested a considerable amount of our personal funds over the past two years and we now need the help of the community to make it happen!
  • Backing this project now shows your commitment to help small independent developers make their dream come true, something anyone with enough time, heart, and soul can accomplish.
  • If you pledge now, Marcus has promised to not devour any kittens!
  • If you'd like to be a part of our community:

 For a full list of the Overlords and their special abilities and affinities, check out this page.

We sent the (mostly finished) game to many esteemed reviewers around the realm. Here are some of their thoughts:

 GeekDad's review of Overlords of Infamy

 FatherGeek's review of Overlords of Infamy

More reviews are coming in all the time and will be added here!

We also asked convention-goers what they thought about the game (please forgive my terrible editing skills):

Daniel Zayas of Smarter Backer interviewed us about the design and concept of the game!

Zero Budget Geek put together a fantastic how-to-play video, which you can see below:

Scott Dyer at Game Centric TV gave the Tabletopia version of Overlords of Infamy a look!

Seth at FatNastyNerd Runthroughs puts a unique spin on gameplay videos in this in-depth session he played with his friends: 

We are quite pleased to announce that we are partnering up with Dog Might to provide very special, limited edition Dragon Sheaths, made specifically for Overlord of Infamy!

These Dragon Sheaths are large enough (approximately 8.5" x 2.25" x 2.0") to hold all of the wooden resource pieces included with the game, or your Lackey Meeples/Adventuring Hero/Dice. Or you can use it for just about anything else you want! The Dragon Sheath comes with both the name of the game and Waffles featured prominently on the outside.

Each Dragon Sheath will come with a collector number etched into the side, showing which number your Dragon Sheath is out of the total sheaths made.

The default color stain is Red/Black, but if you ask nicely, Dog Might can stain your Sheath in a different color (limited to those seen on their Kickstarter Campaign page).


Click the "Manage Pledge" button and add $80 + the following shipping. Please add $3 for shipping to the United States $8 for shipping to Canada and $14 for anywhere else.

You can also add a short personalized etching to one side of your Dragon Sheath for $5 more.

The Overlords of Infamy Dragon Sheaths are only available until Overlords of Infamy ships to backers, and then will no longer be available anywhere!

Additional copies of Overlords of Infamy ($59 per copy) and the Art book ($13 per copy) are also available as an add on! Simply manage your pledge to include the additional costs and you will be able to select your add-on after the project finalizes.

We're teaming up with Blackbox (a new venture from the Cards Against Humanity team) for fulfillment of Overlords of Infamy. We'll benefit from their expertise gained from years of fulfilling CAH orders in order to provide a smooth delivery to your doorstep. 

We'll also be getting a killer deal on shipping, which are savings that we are passing on to you! We're offering free shipping to the United States, and greatly reduced shipping worldwide. Do you live in the EU? Don't fret! We'll be shipping from within the EU so that you won't have to deal with any extra customs charges!

Even with these discounts, we know that shipping can can still be quite an expensive venture. To that end, we're offering a three-pack deal for both the Knavish Overlord and Villainous Overlord levels. Not only do you knock a good bit off the base price, but you also get combined shipping. This could be a great option for friends and perfect strangers alike to team up and save some hard-earned cash!

 You might be wary about backing a game from some indie first-timers. We understand! To help you maintain peace of mind, know that your pledge to Overlords of Infamy comes with a full money-back guarantee at any point from the time the campaign ends up to 2 weeks after it's arrived at your doorstep! 

 Are you a retailer that wants to get in on the action? We'd be happy to work with you! You'll be just like all of our other awesome backers and receive all stretch goals and promotional items unlocked during this campaign and  you'll receive your items at the same time other backers do - ahead of distribution. Please send an e-mail to to discuss retailer pledges!

 Want to show your deplorable pride on social media? We've got some avatars for you, already sized properly for facebook, twitter, etc.! (Click here for all 9 avatars)