Overlords of Infamy - A Board Game of Silly Super-Villainy!

Created by Obscure Reference Games

You are an evil Overlord. Your mission? To make everyone as miserable as possible. Can you achieve world domination?

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And the winner is…
over 5 years ago – Wed, Mar 09, 2016 at 07:10:33 PM

Howdy Overlords-In-The-Making! 

We have the results of the poll for Overlord #10, and they might surprise you! After a neck and neck race for the entirety of the voting period, a clear winner emerged last night. Enough chit-chat! The winner is…









TdB is a hyper-intelligent, high class dinosaur who has a penchant for top hats and monocles. We like to picture him in a very dapper tuxedo. We aren’t positive what his ability will be just yet, but we’re pretty sure it will have to do with being ridiculously charming! Also, Tyrano’s affinity will be Fauna. A very special thank you to Jeramy Garner for suggesting this Overlord! 

We’ll try to get you a sketch sooner rather than later, but keep your eyes open! 

The runner-up was the nearly-as-popular “Dead Pirate Rob-hearts” (we love puns), suggested by super-fan Adam Womack! 

When we said it was a close race, we really weren’t kidding. Tyrano and the Dead Pirate were neck and neck for the duration, and still Tyrano just barely won. We even planned DPRH’s affinity (water) and potential abilities (necromancy or piracy, still working it out) just in case! Fans of the Dead Pirate Rob-Hearts…we hear you. So we’ll make you a deal: 

  • If we reach $30,000 in funding by Wednesday 3/16 (that’s one week) we’re going to add DPRH to the Waffles promo pack. 

For those keeping track, that means all backers at the Knavish Overlord level or higher will get this additional Overlord delivered to them with the rest of their goodies. Since he is part of the Waffles promo pack, it’ll be available for purchase via other avenues in the future, such as conventions! 

We need your help to reach this goal. Got an add-on you’d like to add on? Now’d be a good time to up your pledge! Know some friends who are on the fence about backing? Give them a good shove! And as always, if you are able to share this project on your social media, it will be a tremendous help in reaching our $30,000 goal. One week. Let’s do this. 

Speaking of Goals- let’s take a look at our Social Stretch Goal: 

Almost there! If we get 3000 Facebook likes we’ll introduce 3 new Nefarious Plots into the game! We already hit our Twitter goal and added two World Events! Oh, and we’re something like $310 away from our first monetary stretch goal. No big deal. 

Dragon Sheath

Don’t forget that we’re teaming up with Dog Might to offer special limited edition Dragon Sheaths for Overlords of Infamy as shown below. Got any questions? Please ask! Either in the comments, or you can message me!

That’s all I’ve got for you! Have a great day pretending to be working, or watching House of Cards, or playing video games or something! 

I remain your faithful Lackey,


Exciting News!
over 5 years ago – Sun, Mar 06, 2016 at 11:16:07 PM

It's been a few days since we last spoke, but some exciting news has popped up that I'd like to share with you. This is going to be a long update, so strap in! First of all:

We've passed $24,000! Thank you for all of your support so far, we're nearly to our first Stretch Goal!  Just for fun, I've decided to share with you another goal. This one we will unlock at $40,000:

 That's not all, we've also made some significant progress on our Social Stretch Goals:

2963 / 3000 Facebook Likes!


30/30 Tweets! 

Since we met our Twitter Social Stretch Goal, we're throwing in two additional World Event cards, adding even more variety to your plays. If we hit 3000 likes on Facebook, we'll add in 3 more Nefarious Plots... so spread the word! 

And now for some very exciting news...

We've decided to have some add-ons for this campaign. Two of which, of course, will be additional copies of the game and art book, but we are also quite pleased to announce that we are partnering up with Dog Might to provide very special, limited edition Dragon Sheaths, made specifically for Overlord of Infamy! 

These Dragon Sheaths are large enough (approximately 8.5" x 2.25" x 2.0") to hold all of the wooden resource pieces included with the game, or your Lackey Meeples/Adventuring Hero/Dice. Or you can use it for just about anything else you want! The Dragon Sheath comes with both the name of the game and Waffles featured prominently on the outside. 

Each Dragon Sheath will come with a collector number etched into the side, showing which number your Dragon Sheath is out of the total sheaths made. 

The default color stain is Red/Black, but if you ask nicely, Dog Might can do stain your Sheath in a different color (limited to those seen on their Kickstarter Campaign page). 


Click the "Manage Pledge" button and add $80 + the following shipping. Please add $3 for shipping to the United States $8 for shipping to Canada and $14 for anywhere else. 

You can also add a short personalized etching to one side of your Dragon Sheath for $5 more.

The Overlords of Infamy Dragon Sheaths are only available until Overlords of Infamy ships to backers, and then will no longer be available anywhere!

Additional copies of Overlords of Infamy ($59 per copy) and the Art book ($13 per copy) are also available as an add on! Simply manage your pledge to include the additional costs and you will be able to select your add-on after the project finalizes. 

AMAs and Interviews

Got some questions you would like to ask me (you can do that on here in the comments, by the way!)? Well you can do so tomorrow on reddit, as I will be engaging in an AMA at 3:30 PM EST. Your questions don't even need to be about Overlords of Infamy. Please ask away!

Additionally, I was interviewed by Donald Dennis of the On Board Games Podcast which will go live on Monday 3/7/16. Tune in to listen to me slip up and blurt out a secret I shouldn't have! 

That's it! Until Next time, I remain your faithful Lackey,


The Poll is Live!
over 5 years ago – Tue, Mar 01, 2016 at 10:38:43 PM

Greetings Overlords and Overladies!

 We've picked your brains for the last week about who you think should be the next Overlord and you gave us some awesome ideas. It was VERY hard for us to narrow the list down to just ten suggestions, but sacrifices must be made for the greater good. 

Head on over to the poll and vote for up to THREE Overlords that you'd like to see added in to your copy of Overlords of Infamy. We'll announce the ONE winner next Monday after everyone has had a sufficient chance to vote. Good luck to all ten nominees! 

Click HERE to be taken to the poll!

The humans in the United States refer to today as "Super Tuesday". It's the day when they vote for the person who they feel best represents their political party for the upcoming presidential election. 

Regardless of your political affiliation, here's someone we can all believe in! 

Vote early and vote often. 

We'll be back a little later today or tomorrow with some really exciting news. Until then, I remain your faithful Lackey,


And the Oscar goes to...
over 5 years ago – Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 09:46:23 PM


We've had a good week and we are getting closer and closer to our first stretch goal, not to mention our social goals! Let's see what else we've got going on:

Fan Art

 The incredibly talented and awesome Chantal N. modeled these hardened clay miniatures of Mistress Deepgills, Lord Aether, Duke Daemonhammer and Frau Lumberwulf. Thanks Chantal!

And it also gives me a wonderful idea. I would LOVE to see the artistry that you can come up with. Got an artistic skill? Show me how you might imagine the Overlords, the Kingdom of Good, or Planet Fred! Post your entries to Facebook or Twitter (tag @obsrefgames) or send an e-mail to suggestions@obscurereferencegames.com with your entry. We'll highlight your work! 

Overlord #10 

We've received many awesome suggestions for the tenth overlord and we are carefully considering them. However, there is still time to submit a suggestion (but only until Monday night PST!) Here's how:

  • Tweet a description of an Overlord that you'd like to see added to the game and @obsrefgames. It would help if you #OverlordsofInfamy in the post! 
  • Make a Facebook post describing the Overlord you'd like to see added to the game, and add @Obscure Reference Games after liking our facebook page! 
  • Put your idea in the comment section of this campaign!
  • Send an e-mail with your Overlord description to overlord@obscurereferencegames.com!

Meet The Overlords, Round 2

As promised, we have put together a handy-dandy resource for your to find our what makes each Overlord tick (literally, in the case of Viletron) and what their individual abilities and affinities are. Head on over to The Lair to read all about 'em.

What We're Backing

While showing off Overlords at Origins Game Fair last year, we had the good fortune to meet the fine fellas behind Dog Might (imagine me yelling that Thundercats style!) Games. I ended up buying a pretty awesome dice case/tray from them that I use pretty often. They've got a campaign running right now for their new Dragon Sheath...and they are beautiful. See for yourself:

And before I forget, allow me to congratulate both Mad Max: Fury Road for it's plethora of well-deserved awards, and Leo for finally winning an Oscar. Well desrved and about time, respectively.

Until next time, I remain your faithful lackey,


So I heard you like Overlords...
over 5 years ago – Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 08:06:04 AM

Good news: 

We've just past the 21,000 mark! That means we're just $5,000 away from stretch goal #1! We've also been getting lots of suggestions for the 10th Overlord, but there was also a common request. It seems that we did not do as great of a job explaining the existing nine Overlords as we thought. So....

We're also working on putting together a nifty section of website with a more in-depth background of each Overlord, as well as their powers and affinities. I'll let you know as soon as that is ready. 

Which brings me to my next set of bolded words:


We want to know what kind of Overlord you'd like to see. We've already received a bunch of great ideas (like Captain C.E.O. or a posh dinosaur with a top hat and monocle) but keep them coming! Here is how you can submit your ideas: 

  • Tweet a description of an Overlord that you'd like to see added to the game and @obsrefgames. It would help if you #OverlordsofInfamy in the post! 
  • Make a Facebook post describing the Overlord you'd like to see added to the game, and add @Obscure Reference Games after liking our facebook page! 
  • Put your idea in the comment section of this campaign!
  • Send an e-mail with your Overlord description to overlord@obscurereferencegames.com!

After we've chosen about 10 of our favorites, we'll put it to a vote and let you decide who the winner is. Exciting!


Want to show off your Overlord-y pride on social media? We've got you covered. Head on over to this (mobile-friendly!) page and select which Overlord best represents you!

Social Stretch Goal

We're going to experiment with some Social Stretch Goals. Here are the first two:

  • We currently have 2898 likes on our facebook page. Help us get to 3100 likes and we'll add 3 new Nefarious Plots to the game. 
  • If 30 backers tweet about this Kickstarter campaign and tag @obsrefgames then we will add in 2 new World Events.

Let's see how those go, and we may add more in the future! 

What we're backing

I LOVE backing new and unique ideas on Kickstarter. I've found two that I feel definitely deserve a look:

The Opulent combines 1920's culture (such as a speakeasy!) and assymetrical co-operative games. Two things that I really enjoy. They've got 11 days left in their campaign if you'd like to check them out!

 Saloon Tycoon is a Wild West building game and looks to be just excellent. I was hooked the moment I saw their video. Take a look!

Until next time, Overlords-in-the-Making...

- David Zuckman and the ORG Team